Women - EURO 2020 (WU-17)

Women - EURO 2020 (WU-17)
18.08.2020 13:02

Serhii Sapronov: The girls were very disappointed when they heard that Euro 2020 was canceled

Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, the UEFA Executive Committee was forced to

17.08.2020 12:01

WU-17: Euro 2021 qualifying with participating Ukraine to be held in February 2021

UEFA has again changed the dates of the qualifying round of the European Championship 2021 with ...

13.08.2020 17:29

Officially. UEFA has decided to postpone youth and women's national teams tournaments

The UEFA Executive Committee, of which UAF President Andriy Pavelko is a member, has decided to move ...

28.07.2020 16:01

WU-17: dates of the elite round and the final tournament of Euro 2020

The schedule of the decisive stages of the European Championship 2020 among girls' teams has been finally determined ...

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