Open Fun Football Schools

The project of the Ukrainian Football Association "Open Football Lessons" (OpenFunFootballSchools) with the support of UEFA is:

  • psychosocial support for children of armed forces, children of IDPs, children affected by war;
  • association and friendship of IDP children with local children, social integration;
  • inclusive environment, participants regardless of ability level, gender, as well as the participation of children with special educational needs;
  • knowledge of security in conditions of war;
  • the philosophy of mass football - the joy of the game instead of the result at any cost;
  • education of a healthy lifestyle;
  • development of volunteerism;
  • activation of local communities through cross-sectoral networks (teachers, trainers, psychologists, security specialists, parents, youth leaders, local authorities, patrons and others).

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National coordination:

Yevgeny Stolitenko, +38-067-550-81-52, e-mail: [email protected]

Regional project coordinators from regional football associations:

Vinnytsia region:

Oleksandr Sydoruk, 050-106-80-36, [email protected][email protected]

Volyn region:

Vasyl Kokhanovsky, 095-898-65-01, [email protected]

Dnipropetrovsk region:

Yaroslav Derevyanko, 097-157-33-10, [email protected]

Zhytomyr region:

Ruslan Majevsky, 067-264-87-50, [email protected]

Transcarpathian region:

Anastasia Penzova, 050-252-92-48, [email protected], [email protected]

Ivano-Frankivsk region:

Vasil Sikora, 050-555-31-61, [email protected]

Kyiv region:

Volodymyr Maslov, 067-698-77-90, [email protected][email protected]

Kirovograd region:

Oleksiy Kravchenko, 099-972-11-78, [email protected]

Lviv region:

Stepan Ponaida, 067-341-57-35, [email protected][email protected]

Odesa region:

Serhii Galyuza, 066-177-12-32, [email protected]


BachukiDarsania, 095-686-39-44, Viktor Pozhechevskyi, 050-418-22-29, [email protected]

Rivne region:

Taras Kiryanchuk, 067-773-31-55, Oleg Kucher, 068-007-08-80, [email protected]

Sumy region:

Albert Molgamov, 050-597-17-17, [email protected][email protected]

Ternopil region:

Vasyl Zatorskyi, 068-621-28-95, [email protected]

Khmelnytsky region:

Mykola Kuznetsov, 067-356-75-75, [email protected]

Cherkasy region:

Bohdan Kulinych, 097-581-76-16, [email protected]

Chernivtsi region:

Oleksandr Plakhov, 050-660-49-50,[email protected][email protected]

Chernihiv region:

Anatoly Svystun, 050-570-01-94, [email protected]

Project coordinators from regional football associations in other regions of Ukraine, where the project will be resumed when such an opportunity arises:

Donetsk region:

Oleksandr Kosevich, 095-692-02-51, [email protected][email protected]

Zaporizhzhia region:

Lyudmila Padalka, 067-423-47-90, [email protected][email protected]

Luhansk region:

Andriy Mykytchenko, 050-836-69-14, [email protected][email protected]

Mykolaiv region:

Alexander Balakin, 063-125-48-48, [email protected]

Kharkiv region:

Olena Kriventsova, 096-366-45-14, Olena Korobka, 067-570-80-07, [email protected][email protected]

Kherson region:

Oleksandr Bondarenko, 066-030-44-90, [email protected]

Football Association of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (events were implemented in the Kherson region):

Oleksiy Krucher, 050-396-30-05, [email protected]

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