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13.04.2021 14:15

Iryna Sanina: “The teams played back even after big defeats. We will make every effort to achieve the desired result "

The goalkeeper of the national women's national team of Ukraine Iryna Sanina shared her expectations from the away match of the playoffs ...

13.04.2021 10:00

Euro 2022 among women. Today, the national team of Ukraine will play a return match in the playoffs against the team of Northern Ireland

Today Natalia Zinchenko's wards will hold a guest match of the playoffs of the Euro-2022 selection, in which they will play ...

12.04.2021 12:01

Ukraine women's team arrived in Belfast to play the Euro-2022 play-off's second leg against Northern Ireland

Natalia Zinchenko's wards arrived for the second match of the Euro 2022 playoffs. Ukrainian national ...

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