UEFA Nations League
27.11.2020 11:00

FIFA ranking: Ukraine stay among 25 best in the world

FIFA has published another ranking of national teams, in which Ukraine after the November matches against

25.11.2020 18:05

UEFA Appeals Committee counts Ukraine's technical defeat for match against Switzerland

Today, the UEFA Appeals Committee considered the case on the cancellation of the UEFA Nations League match Switzerland - Ukraine, which was to take place on November 17.

24.11.2020 16:40

Training camp of the national team of Ukraine: how the UEFA Return to the Game protocol was followed (video)

Tomorrow, November 25, the UEFA Appeals Committee will consider the case on the cancellation of the match of the League of Nations Switzerland - Ukraine, which was to take place ...

20.11.2020 19:05

Oleh Protasov: Under the current conditions, to organize the another team's arrival in one day is an unrealistic task. It takes at least 48 hours

First Vice-President of the Ukrainian Football Association Oleh Protasov commented on the situation around the organization's official website ...

20.11.2020 14:35

Ukraine team and UAF delegation representatives draw attention to the odd position of the Swiss side on the canceled UEFA Nations League match

The case concerning the canceled match of the UEFA League of Nations in Group 4 of the League A Switzerland - Ukraine next Monday, November 23, may be considered ...

20.11.2020 13:40

Ukraine team doctor Artur Hlushchenko: The Swiss refused to conduct testing on the matchday

The chief doctor of the national team of Ukraine Artur Hlushchenko commented on the situation that arose around the canceled UEFA Nations league match Switzerland - Ukraine.

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