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For the media representatives

Dear media representatives!
If you are interested in the activities of Ukrainian Football Association in a greater volume of information than it is submitted on the official website, please contact the press service with individual requests. This refers to any comments made by UAF management or other employees that may be provided outside of briefings, press conferences or meetings of the Football Press Club.

Phones for reference:
+ 38 (044) 521-05-33, + 38 (044) 521-05-36
Email: [email protected]

Rules and conditions of accreditation

Rules of accreditation for representatives of mass media at the national teams' of Ukraine domestic matches, as well as public events held by Football Association.

Registration for the media

Principles for the media

Media representatives should respect the match participants and their colleagues and be guided by the actions of the Media Law of Ukraine

Journalists should not approach match participants for interviews or comments during the match. Interviews can only be conducted at designated locations.

UAF has the right to withdraw accreditation in the media in case of violation of the rules of operation during a football match / event under the auspices of the UAF.


Announcement about the start of the application for accreditation:

  • the announcement is posted on the official website of UAF;
  • the announcement must indicate the deadlines for applications, deadlines and place of issuance of accreditations;
  • applications are made through the personal registration of a media representative on the electronic media portal of UAF official website.

Accreditation cards must contain the name and initials of the journalist, the name of the media. Entrance to the stadium and to the press box with such cards is allowed only upon presentation of an appropriate journalistic certificate.

When issuing accreditation cards in a clearly defined time frame, they are accompanied by a "Journalist's Memo", which indicates the requirements for the work of journalists during the match, time and place of issuance of starting lineups, stadium scheme, which indicates the location of the mixed zone, conference halls, as well as places for issuing protocols of starting lineups and sleeves for photographers.

After the game, the effectiveness of the media present at the match is monitored (originality, competence, efficiency, volume of material) and in accordance with the results, a decision is made on the feasibility of issuing accreditation for the next matches.

Working conditions of media on match day

Companies that do not have appropriate accreditation from the UAF are not allowed to engage in any activity (such as filming and video-making) in the Controlled Territory on the day of UAF match / event.

Radio Companies (Including Internet Audio)

Accredited radio journalists are not allowed in the play area or technical area.

Radio companies with a contractual relationship with UFI have the right to broadcast the match audio within the framework of the agreement reached.

Internet (websites, portals)

Accredited electronic media can only transmit match information in text format.

Photographs taken by accredited photographers may be posted on web pages as stationary images, not as moving pictures or as quasi-videos.

These restrictions do not apply to UAF's official website.

Non-Right Holders

On the day of the match, camera shooting by accredited television companies in the stadium is not allowed.

Accredited film crew on match day can only work:

  • at a post-match press conference;
  • in the Mixed Zone after the match.

Shooting of the match

The right to shoot a football match is granted only to the right holder.

Access for photo correspondents

During the match, accredited photojournalists can only be on the site by the advertising structures installed along the goal lines.

Before the match, each photographer must receive a vest of a set model that should be worn throughout the match.

Photo correspondents are not allowed on the football field before, during and after the match.

Before the match, photojournalists can take the following pictures:

  • congratulations to the teams as they stand, lined up in the stands;
  • handshake of players of both teams;
  • congratulations when the match referee and team captains exchange handshakes;
  • draw to determine the location of teams on the field;
  • team photography.

Mixed zone

Accredited media and television companies that do not have broadcast rights are allowed to interview football players, team coaches and officials in the Mixed Zone.

Press conference

Post-match press conferences are available to all accredited media outlets.

Registration for the media
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