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26.05.2023 20:54

The French women's national team WU-17 became the champion of Europe for the first time

In the finals of Euro-2023 (WU-17), the French women's national team defeated the Spanish team and became the champion of the continent. In fi...

26.05.2023 15:35

The goalkeepers of the women's national team of Ukraine will hold the NTZ in Ternopil

June will be busy for young soccer players, who will be able to demonstrate their skills first at the meeting...

02.05.2023 16:38

Serhiy Sapronov: "The organizers of the tournament in Romania noted that the Ukrainian women deserved first place based on their performance"

The women's national team of Ukraine WU-17 returned from the Romanian city of Buftia, where it participated in the UEFA Development Tournament, in...

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