School football / OFFS
24.09.2020 15:02

Zaporozhye region picked up the baton of the September events of the project "Open football lessons"

"Open football lessons" are available to everyone and are not aimed at achieving a sports result at any cost, but to get happy ...

21.09.2020 11:38

The UAF PROTASOV CUP-2020 Festival of Champions among children's teams took place in Kyiv

Competitions among players born in 2010 took place on the field of the training base of the Ukrainian Football Association.

17.08.2020 20:07

Open Fun Football Schools volunteers have started training

On August 17 in Zaporizhia the training of volunteers of the UAF project "Open football lessons", which helps children of migrants from ...

15.08.2020 14:00

UAF Executive Committee made a decision on the regulations of tournaments with the participation of children's and youth teams

At the last meeting, the Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Football Association approved a number of documents regulating the holding of all-Ukrainian competitions ...

13.08.2020 12:01

Volunteers will prepare for the "Open Football Lessons" in an adapted format

From August 17 to 23 in Zaporozhye will be training volunteers of the social project "Open football lessons", which helps children to ...

13.04.2020 20:15

Watch UAF Open Fun Football Schools online (Video)

Until the football games are suspended due to quarantine, volunteers of UAF Open Fun Football School project hold online classes.

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