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11.02.2024 17:25

In 2024 it is planned to hold the championship of Ukraine among girls' teams in different age categories

This year, many tournaments involving girls' teams should take place in Ukraine, including the WU-13 and WU-15 championships. According to the approved Committee of Women's Football of the UAF and the approved Ex...

08.02.2024 13:30

The UAF school football development program is successfully implemented in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

The school football development program of the Ukrainian Football Association is being actively implemented in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Dnipro Academy of Continuing Education and Dnipropetrovsk Football Association...

07.02.2024 19:30

The UEFA Playmakers-2024 program started in Ukraine with the training of coaches

The UEFA Playmakers program, implemented by the Ukrainian Football Association together with regional associations, started in 2024 with the training of coaches. Project coordinators Yevgeny Stol...

29.01.2024 21:40

UAF introduces inclusive football sections in the regions of Ukraine

Unfortunately, the availability of sports for many children with disabilities and special educational needs is problematic in Ukraine. There is a noticeable lack of qualified specialists in the regions and...

05.01.2024 15:44

Inclusive football sections continue in Busk, Lviv region

In Busk, Lviv Oblast, on the basis of the Inclusive Resource Center and the Buska State University of Applied Sciences, the project of the Ukrainian Football Association and the Lviv Football Association has been successfully implemented for over a year...

14.12.2023 12:00

Inclusive football came to Ternopil region

In Zbarazh, in the Ternopil Region, on the basis of the Zbarazh Lyceum, the second cycle of the project of the Ukrainian Football Association "Inclusive football sections" was completed (coach Ruslan Yushchyshyn, k...

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