School football / OFFS
25.06.2022 11:00

"Open football lessons" visited Morshyn

On Friday, June 24, at the city stadium "Medic" in Morshyn was the opening of the sports festival "Open football lessons" in the framework of the implementation of children's social ...

12.06.2022 09:00

Children's football lessons "Open Football Lessons" took place in Nadvirna

The passions of the Ivano-Frankivsk football festival did not subside, and Nadvirna has already joined the project. On June 11, the festival took place at the city stadium "Naftovyk" ...

05.06.2022 09:15

"Open football lessons" were successfully held in Khust in Transcarpathia

The passions at the Open Football Lessons in Uzhhorod did not subside, and Khust has already joined the project. Great psychosocial football events to communicate and set ...

05.06.2022 07:38

"Open football lessons" visited Lviv region

"Open football lessons" developed by the Ukrainian Football Association have started in Lviv region. The implementation of this psychosocial project in the region began with Pine ...

02.06.2022 08:27

"Open football lessons" in Uzhgorod on Children's Day

On the International Children's Day "Open Football Lessons" started in Uzhgorod. To organize and hold a football holiday together with the Ukrainian Football Association and Zak ...

30.05.2022 09:00

"Open football lessons" visited Chernivtsi

A series of "Open Football Lessons" developed by the Ukrainian Football Association specifically for the western regions of the country during the heroic struggle of our people against the occupiers ...

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