School football / OFFS
05.05.2021 13:02

Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk regions started the season of "Open football lessons" in an adapted format

For the second year in a row, the format of the "Open Football Lessons" has been adapted to the norms of the anti-epidemic regime and social distancing. Thanks to the creativity of the volunteer ...

05.05.2021 12:01

UEFA Playmakers in Ukraine: April update

The UEFA Playmakers program in Ukraine provides opportunities for little girls to experience football, receiving only positive emotions, inspiration and friends from it. Program trainers during classes ...

30.04.2021 14:10

Schedule of the project "Open football lessons" in 2021

The dates of the "Open Football Lessons" in an adapted format, in compliance with anti-epidemic conditions and quarantine restrictions, are determined by the regional coordinators for ...

12.02.2021 16:00

The UAF school football development program started in Odesa and Rivne

The Ukrainian Football Association, like UEFA, notes the key role that schools play in giving children access to football. Many boys and girls here are starting to play football for the first time, and ...

12.10.2020 10:06

"Open football lessons" took place in the South in the Odessa region

Children aged 6-9 from four schools in the South of Odessa region welcomed the festival "Open football lessons" at the wonderful stadium of the local Author's School of MP Guzyk

28.09.2020 15:08

Kyiv region hosted the Open Football Lessons festival

On September 24, the Open Football Lessons Festival visited the Kyiv region, namely the renovated stadium of the picturesque village of Kivshovata. According to the adapted format of the festival ...

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