Career opportunities in Ukrainian football

If you want to work in Ukrainian football, you will find employment opportunities below.


The beginning of a coach's career is training in the coaching license programs D UAF, C UEFA and C UAF, which are conducted by the UAF together with regional football associations. Current information about the recruitment status can be obtained at the following e-mail address — [email protected] or in your regional football association -

Training on the B, A, Pro UEFA coaching license programs is conducted by the UAF Licensing Center:


Referee courses for beginners are conducted by the National School of Football Referees of Ukraine, which operates in regional football associations. Contacts can be found on the following page:


You can follow up-to-date information about exams for candidates to obtain a permanent intermediary certificate on the following page:

Email box for consultations: [email protected]

Work in leagues

Resumes can be sent to the following e-mail addresses:

Ukrainian Premier League: [email protected]

Professional Football League of Ukraine: [email protected]

Futsal Association of Ukraine: [email protected]

Work in clubs

Addresses and boxes of football clubs can be found on the websites of the leagues:

Ukrainian Premier League:

Professional Football League of Ukraine:

Futsal Association of Ukraine:

Work in the Ukrainian Football Association

The electronic mailbox of the UAF Personnel Support and Recruitment Service for sending resumes: [email protected]

New vacancies are published in the "News" section -

01.04.2022 14:15

The next training course under the D-diploma program of the UAF has been completed

On Thursday, March 31, the Football Institute of the UAF and NUFVSU, which in this unpro ...

28.12.2020 15:08

UAF D-diplomas were first awarded to servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

At the National University of Defense of Ukraine. Ivan Chernyakhovsky ...

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