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16.04.2021 15:20

The women's national team of Ukraine is in 31th place in the FIFA rankings

The International Federation of Football Associations has published an updated ranking of national women's national teams, in which the Ukrainian team ranks 31st. Among the representatives of UEFA Ukraine ...

16.04.2021 14:17

After the April matches, the Ukrainian futsal team rose to ninth place in the UEFA rankings

UEFA has released the April ranking of futsal teams. The national team of Ukraine ranks ninth in it. Note that in March 2021, the blue-yellows were 11th. We will remind ...

16.04.2021 12:05

Weekend for the legionnaires of the national team of Ukraine: the decisive moment in Belgium, the championship match in Hungary and the semifinal in England

For many legionnaires of the national team of Ukraine, whom Andriy Shevchenko invited to prepare for the March matches of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, the coming weekend may be decisive in the club ...

16.04.2021 10:15

Oleksandr Kosenko: "The most important thing is that we have a real team that has fulfilled the task and made its way to the European Championship"

The head coach of the Ukrainian national futsal team Oleksandr Kosenko commented on the results of his team in the last matches of the Euro-2022 qualifiers. After two victories over Denmark in Zaporozhye (6: 2 & n ...

15.04.2021 18:01

The national beach soccer team of Ukraine is holding a training camp in Turkey

The Ukrainian beach soccer team is holding its first training camp in Turkey this year. According to the Instagram of our national team, the weekly collection in ...

15.04.2021 15:00

Champions League. Andriy Lunin's Real will be the first to start the fight for a place in the final

UEFA has published a calendar of semifinal matches of the Champions League season 2020/2021, in which two teams will take part, where the players of the national team of Ukraine play. The first fight for a place ...

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