21.09.2023 11:00

FIFA rating. The national team of Ukraine remained in 24th place

FIFA has updated the rating of national teams, in which Ukraine still ranks 24th. Blue-yellow have 1538,42 points. Among the UEFA representatives, the Ukrainian team...

19.09.2023 09:00

Selection of Euro-2024. The national team of Ukraine will play a home game against North Macedonia in Prague

The next two matches of the Euro-2024 selection will be held by the Ukrainian national team in October. On the 14th, Serhii Rebrov's team will play a nominal home match against the North Macedonia national team (beginning &mdas...

13.09.2023 15:01

Georgy Sudakov: "There is a lot of pressure when you play at San Siro in the presence of 60 fans"

The midfielder of the national team of Ukraine, Heorhiy Sudakov, commented on the defeat in the Euro-2024 selection match against the Italian team (1:2). "Now there is no point in looking for any excuses...

13.09.2023 12:25

Andriy Yarmolenko: "Nothing is over with us - the most interesting part begins. Let's draw conclusions..."

The captain of the Ukrainian national team Andriy Yarmolenko was recognized by the fans as the "Lion of the Match" — the best player of the Euro-2024 qualification match against Italy. In yesterday's game...

13.09.2023 00:33

Coach of the Italian national team Luciano Spalletti: "We gave Ukraine only two chances in the first half and two counterattacks in the second"

The head coach of the Italian national team, Luciano Spalletti, commented on the course of events in today's Euro-2024 selection match against our national team (2:1). "We should be happy...

13.09.2023 00:08

Serhii Rebrov: "Italy played very intensively, sometimes we couldn't keep up with this rhythm"

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine, Serhiy Rebrov, commented on the defeat in the match with Italy (1:2) within the framework of the Euro-2024 qualification. — What analysis can you do after the fights...

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