Ukrainian Cup

Ukrainian Cup
08.05.2022 12:15

Officially. Decision of the Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Association of Football on competitions in the season-2021/2022

The UAF Executive Committee, having held a meeting through the use of means of communication, made several important decisions, connected ...

24.02.2022 15:55

Officially. UAF has suspended all football competitions in Ukraine

The UAF Executive Committee has decided on football competitions in Ukraine under martial law. Given the acceptance ...

19.02.2022 12:00

UAF Executive Committee has determined NSC Olympic as the venue for Vbet Ukrainian Cup-2021/2022 final

The Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Football Association has considered the venue of the final match of the Vbet Cup of Ukraine-2 ...

06.01.2022 13:07

2022: what events await Ukrainian football in the new year

In 2021, the national team of Ukraine reached the quarterfinals of Euro 2020, and the men's and women's futsal teams made their way ...

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