First League

First League
12.08.2022 17:10

Season-2022/2023 in PFL: participants of competitions in the first and second leagues

The format, composition of participants and the calendar of competitions in the first and second leagues of the 2022/2023 season have been determined, the PFL press service reports....

12.08.2022 16:32

The XXX Conference of the PFL adopted a number of important decisions

Regular, jubilee, XXX Conference of the PFL was held today in the capital of Ukraine. For the consideration of the delegates, the procedure where...

04.08.2022 14:05

The first league. Open football performed by "Polyssia", the first newcomers "Prykarpattia" and "Karpat"

The only first league team preparing for the new season abroad is Polissia. Wards of Yuriy Kalitvyntsev...

25.07.2022 16:05

The First league. Obolon extended the contract with the head coach, LNZ wins in friendly matches

First of all, it is good news for the fans of Ternopil Niva. The FC management informed the PFL,...

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