Futsal (Extra League) - Cup

Futsal (Extra League) - Cup
17.08.2023 20:57

Kyiv "HIT" is the winner of the 2023 Super Cup of Ukraine in futsal

A match for the 2023 Futsal Super Cup of Ukraine among men's teams took place in Buchi at the "Sports Academy". M...

14.07.2023 14:04

Vbet Extra-League: the dates and conditions of the Futsal Championship of Ukraine have been determined

A meeting of the heads of the Vbet Extra League clubs took place, which was chaired by the president of AFU Serhii Vladyk and vice-president...

30.04.2023 16:41

"Cardinal-Rivnestandart" won the Futsal Cup of Ukraine for the first time in history

In the final match of the Futsal Cup of Ukraine, "Cardinal-Rivnestandart" from Rivne turned out to be stronger than the sticks...

01.06.2022 08:42

The 2021/2022 Futsal Extra-League season is over

In connection with Russia's military aggression against Ukraine, the current season in the elite futsal division will not be heated, p ...

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