Alexander Cheferrin has sent Andrei Pavelko a letter of formal appreciation from UEFA for the Champions League final

UEFA President Alexander Cheferrin has sent the President of the Football Federation of Ukraine an official letter of thanks for the excellent organization of the UEFA Champions League final.  

"Dear Mr. Pavelko, dear Andriy, my friend, it was a great pleasure for us to be in Kyiv during the 2018 UEFA Champions League final. NSC Olimpiyskiy is one of the greatest stadiums in Europe, and it hosted the UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool. I know how hard you and your team worked to make this final the best possible way, and I am glad to note that the FFU, all Ukrainian government agencies and the city of Kyiv have done an outstanding job. Please pass on my words of gratitude to all parties involved.

In addition, I would like to thank the entire UEFA team and all our guests for their warm hospitality. It is always an honor to be in your beautiful country, and I hope to meet you again very soon, "Alexander Cheferin said in a letter.

It will be recalled that earlier during his stay in Ukraine, Alexander Cheferin repeatedly expressed his admiration for the excellent organization of the UEFA Champions League finals, calling the work done by Andriy Pavelko and the Football Federation of Ukraine "as exemplary as possible." 

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