News from the camp of Ukraine: a rich pre-game day of our team

Pre-game day, the national team started with a walk between the picturesque golf courses of the Superior Hotel. Morning promenade promotes faster awakening and adjusts tone.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

And even after the time spent on the air, it is easier to absorb the information that coaches provide to players during theoretical lessons. This is exactly how it was today in the work schedule of blue and yellow - the theory after a walk.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

And in the evening, the players traditionally worked out what was heard at the pre-game training session at the "Sunny", which was visited by many representatives of the Ukrainian mass media. But few representatives of Lithuanian media who came to Kharkiv were not interested in the media events of the national team of Ukraine.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

After a 15-minute period during which journalists watched the training, non-superfluous collections focused on the components of the game they wanted to maximize. The mood in the team is combat: the guys are anticipating an important duel and are waiting tomorrow at Metalist for a fan sold-out, which will help them to fulfill their plans.

Oleksandr Hlyvynskyi, press attaché of the national team of Ukraine

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