ROFF renamed Rivne Regional Football Association

Rivne Regional Football Federation has recently received a new name - Public Union "Rivne Regional Football Association" (ROAF). This decision was made by the delegates of the 2nd reporting conference of the ROFF.

In addition to renaming the organization, a number of other important decisions were made on November 12 this year. In particular, the ROAF football family was replenished with five new members - Rivne, Ostroh, Zdolbuniv, Korets, Volodymyrets district football federations. The conference delegates also heard the reports of the chairmen of the standing committees on the work in 2018-2019, approved the report of the ROFF chairman Oleksiy Khakhlov and the Regulations on the Strategic Council for Football Development of Rivne Region.

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Also during the conference it was decided to award the title of honorary member of the Rivne Regional Football Association to Volodymyr Petrovich Polishchuk - a well-known football figure in Rivne and Ukraine, who worked in ROFF in various positions for more than a decade. In addition, the guest of the conference, First Vice-President of the Amateur Football Association of Ukraine, member of the UEFA Mass Football Committee Oleksandr Kadenko presented Volodymyr Petrovych with the honorary award of the Ukrainian Football Association - the Medal of Merit.

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Importantly. Please note that from now on the domain name of the official ROAF website has been changed. New address - E-mail has not changed - [email protected]

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