Migrant children and children of ATO fighters awarded Winter Charity Cup participants

December 20 in the football hall of the National Pedagogical University. M. Drahomanov hosted the annual Winter Charity Cup tournament.

The organizers tournament Speakers: Ukrainian Football Association, UPL and IA "News Center".

The charity tournament was held with the support of Maxim Yefimov, chairman of the Donetsk Region Football Federation.

Traditionally, the tournament has brought together teams of journalists, MPs, Ukrainian football stars, lawyers, patrol police and entrepreneurs. The main supporters were immigrant children from the East of Ukraine and children of ATO fighters who helped to create a real football holiday.

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Before the start of the tournament, its participants and children were addressed by Olga Vitak, the organizer, editor-in-chief of IA "News Center", who congratulated the UAF, UPL and the Football Federation of Donetsk region on New Year's greetings: "Dear team, thank you for your participation in a charity tournament that brought together representatives of different professions to help our children play sports. Thank you, our main fans, for supporting the players. You are our future, so I wish you to become real stars, patriots of Ukraine! Together to victory!"

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In the first semifinal game of the tournament, the team of lawyers defeated the patrol police - 2: 1. In the second semifinal, a combined team of Ukrainian football stars and MPs led by Honored Master of Sports Ivan Yaremchuk defeated the national team of journalists in a series of post-match penalties with a score of 4: 3.

In the match for the third place the journalists beat the patrol police team - 2: 0. The winner of the tournament had to be determined in a series of penalties, which was better executed by the team of lawyers, who beat the united team of stars of Ukrainian football and MPs - 3: 2.

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Children from the East of Ukraine and children of ATO fighters were awarded participants of the Winter Charity Cup. The little fans first handed the medals to the teams for the tournament, and then the gold awards and the winners' cup to the team of lawyers. For their part, the players handed the kids sweet gifts and soccer balls.

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Also individual awards were given to the best participants of the competition:

the best goalkeeper is Roman Kenu (lawyers);

the best defender - Artem Artemenko (team of stars of Ukrainian football and deputies);

best attacker - Andrey Nagirny (patrol police);

best player - Yuri Mostovenko (attorneys);

the best referee is Ivan Petrichenko.

Photo by centernews.com.ua

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