Nations League 2020/2021: results of the final stage draw

The draw for the final part of the 2020/2021 UEFA Nations League took place today in Nyon, Switzerland.

Three representatives of Group A1 applied for the final stage of the Nations League - Italy, the Netherlands and Poland. The right to host the tournament was given to the winner of the group - Italy.

Draw results and match calendar

Semifinal 1. October 6, 2021. Turin. Juventus Stadium. Spain - Italy.

Semifinal 2. October 7, 2021. Milan. San Siro Stadium. Belgium - France.

Match for third place. October 10, 2021. Turin. Juventus Stadium.

Final. October 10, 2021. Milan. San Siro Stadium.

Format of the final stage of the League of Nations

The winners of the semifinals advance to the finals, and the losers play in the match for third place. In the semifinals and finals in case of a draw in the main time an additional one is appointed. If the score remains a draw, a series of 11-meter. There is no extra time in the match for the third place. In case of a draw after the regular time, a series of penalties is taken immediately.

The winner of the League of Nations receives a special cup 71 cm high made of sterling silver.

Note that the participants of the final stage of the League of Nations will be selected for the 2022 World Cup, which will consist of five instead of six teams to give them the opportunity to play in the tournament in October 2021.

It will be recalled that the winner of the first draw of the League of Nations in 2019 was the national team of Portugal.

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