On Polish soil, the national team of Ukraine has not suffered a single defeat in the matches of official tournaments

The national team of Ukraine will play the next two home matches of the UEFA League of Nations in Lodz, Poland. In the main center of Polish cinema (as well as in a major industrial center), our national team has already played - with the hosts in September 2010. On the eve of the national team of Ukraine left its head coach Myron Markevich, and the team was taken to Lodz by his first assistant - Yuri Kalitvintsev.

Then both teams started preparing for home and for us and for the Poles of Euro-2012. And the meeting ended in a draw, although the hosts were closer to victory. Eugene Seleznyov scored his fifth goal for the national team in overtime. 

This was the second draw of the main Ukrainian national team on Polish soil after two attempts. Although, if you understand, the third - after three.

But the friendly match on November 18, 1992, which took place in Zamość (Polish version of the name of the city - Zamość), was held under a very interesting heading "match of national teams". He ended in a very effective draw - 3: 3, but did not get into the FIFA register. It is because of the status of "national clubs" that it is not in our historical register. This match is remembered only by experts in the national history of football.

At that time, our national team was already led by Oleg Bazilevich. Ukraine played in the following lineup: Shutkov, Popov, Yakovenko, Diryavka, Hrytsyna, Polunin, Pokhlebayev, Kandaurov, Shkapenko (Zuenko, 88), Mintenko, Golovan (Bukel, 90). Golovan, Pokhlebayev and Popov scored goals.

For some (Zuenko, Mintenko, Golovan) it was the first and last appearance in the national team of Ukraine (even the national team of clubs). But the rest became the backbone of the team in 1993, when Bazylevych started real work.

It is worth noting that our national team has not lost a single match of the official tournament in Poland. In Ukraine, we lost to the Poles at different levels, but in Poland - only in sparring in November 2020.

And on Polish territory we played the only home match of the qualifying tournament so far - against the team of Kosovo - and won in Krakow without any problems.

All matches of the national team of Ukraine at the stadiums of Poland






Goals of Ukraine


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CS-2002 (c)












CS-2014 (c)



Yarmolenko, Gusev, Zozulya



CS-2018 (c)



Tailor, Yarmolenko, Rotan


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We will add that the match of the League of Nations of Ukraine with Armenia on June 11 will start at 16.00 Kyiv time, and the match with Ireland on June 14 - at 21.45.

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