News from the camp of the national team of Ukraine: congratulations to Tsygankov and the joining of Sydorchuk and Yarmolenko to the general group

The morning at the camp of the Ukrainian national team began with greetings. Midfielder Viktor Tsygankov became a father this week, so the national team congratulated him on the birth of his firstborn. Ruslan Rotan, manager of the blue and yellow team, presented Viktor with a festive cake, which the new dad, of course, shared with his teammates.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

The next day after the control game, the national team had a recovery training. This session was the last one at the FC Brentford base, which during this working week provided everything necessary for the training of the blue and yellows. The friendly staff of the club kindly responded to every question from the national team headquarters. Therefore, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Ukrainian collectors felt at home in the Brentford area.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

Serhiy Sydorchuk, who recovered from a cold, returned to the main group for today's training. Team captain Andriy Yarmolenko also took part in all the exercises, as did Oleksandr Zinchenko, who was given a rest by the coaches yesterday after an intense game schedule at the club.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

After the tactical work, the coaches offered the wards emotional restorative exercises. The entire team was divided into four groups of six players each, who competed among themselves in the speed of completing the stages of a kind of relay race. All members of each team had to hit the crossbar with the ball from 11 meters, aim at the small goal, spin the ball from the front line into the goal in the air, throw the ball into the basket with their hands and hit a small triangle on the lawn with their head. The team that came to the finish line last received punishment in the form of a football attack from the rest of the team.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

Such emotional starts definitely lifted the spirits of the players after yesterday's match, which was accompanied by a downpour, and therefore brought corresponding physical fatigue. The first month of spring in London is famous for weather metamorphoses. Let's say, at lunchtime, a powerful hail suddenly fell on the area where the Ukrainian national team lives, and we could only be glad that at that time the team was already at the hotel, and not at training.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

In the end, such natural disasters in no way affect the mood and attitude of the blue-yellow team for the game with the English. Yesterday, the boys started watching the Italy-England match on the bus on the way from the stadium to the hotel, and finished it over dinner. And tomorrow is the final day of preparation for the opening qualifying match at Wembley.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

The Ukrainians will start pre-match training at the famous arena at 18.00:XNUMX local time. Half an hour earlier in at. head coach of the Ukrainian national team, Ruslan Rotan, and one of the team's players will meet with media representatives in the Wembley conference hall.

The roster of the national team of Ukraine

Goalkeepers: Andriy Lunin (Real Madrid, Spain), Anatoly Trubin (Shakhtar Donetsk), Nikita Shevchenko (Alexandria).

Defenders: Oleksandr Karavaev, Denys Popov (both from Dynamo Kyiv), Mykola Matvienko (Shakhtar Donetsk), Vitaly Mykolenko (Everton, Liverpool, England), Eduard Sobol (Strasbourg, France), Oleksandr Svatok, Eduard Sarapiy ( both - "Dnipro-1" Dnipro), Denys Miroshnichenko ("Alexandria").

Midfielders: Taras Stepanenko, Georgy Sudakov, Artem Bondarenko (all Shakhtar Donetsk), Serhiy Sydorchuk, Vitaly Buyalskyi (both Dynamo Kyiv), Oleksandr Pikhalyonok (Dnipro-1 Dnipro), Andriy Yarmolenko (Al-Ain ) "Krakowia" Krakow, Poland).

Forwards: Roman Yaremchuk (Club Brugge, Belgium), Artem Dovbyk (Dnipro-1 Dnipro).

Oleksandr Hlyvynskyi, spokesman for the national team of Ukraine

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