Andriy Lunin: "Our fighting qualities are even better than those of the British"

Goalkeeper of the Ukrainian national team Andriy Lunin talked about the final stage of the team's preparation for the Euro-2024 qualification match against England.

The national team of Ukraine is completing preparations for the Euro 2024 selection match with England in Tschebnytsia, Poland. Yesterday, the blue-yellow players did game exercises to warm up their muscles and performed tactical tasks to practice the game model chosen by head coach Serhiy Rebrov.

Andriy Lunin, the goalkeeper of the national team, spoke about the details of the work.

"The mood in the national team is always good, fighting. There are no problems with this, so we are preparing. We analyze the opponent, how he plays, practice our game. On paper, of course, the English are favorites. But this is the case - everything will be decided on the field on the 9th. We also have good players, a good team. And our fighting qualities are even better. 

Work in the national team and work in the club? These are two different worlds. Two different coaches, different schemes. But I like Sergey Rebrov's approach, very modern. We try to play football, show a good game, bright, dynamic. But the result always comes first, so we will work to get it.

Yes, there will be nowhere like home, but playing in another country, to see a full stadium and have a strong support with such an opponent - it will be a great night. We will be grateful to our fans and will try to thank them with a good game. We are waiting for a full stadium!" Andriy Lunin emphasized. 

We remind you that the Euro-2024 selection match between the national teams of Ukraine and England will take place on September 9 in Wroclaw (starting at 19.00:XNUMX Kyiv time).

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