On November 10, the XNUMXth extraordinary conference of the Kharkiv Regional Football Association took place

On November 10, the XNUMXth extraordinary conference of the Kharkiv Regional Football Association took place. It was attended by authorized persons - delegates from permanent and associate members of the association, who considered and adopted a number of decisions important for both regional and all-Ukrainian football.

The first vice-president of the Ukrainian Football Association, Vadym Kostyuchenko, who was present at the conference, thanked the representatives of the football assets of the region for their active public position, continued work on the development of football in the rather difficult conditions that exist in the front-line Kharkiv region, and awarded the UAF awards for their personal contribution to the development of football in Slobozhanshchyna.

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Taking into account that the term of office of the previous leadership of the HOAF has expired, the conference brought up the issue of electing the governing bodies of the association for a new term. At the suggestion of the permanent members of the association, the delegates unanimously supported the election of Oleg Synegubov as the chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Football Association. The newly elected chairman of the HOAF emphasized the priority tasks in his position - the development of the sports infrastructure, which has suffered significant damage, and the restoration in the field of football competitions of various levels: "I plan to personally pay attention to children's and youth football, its development prospects in today's conditions. And yet, I see the main thing in my work is ensuring safe leisure and sports events for our citizens." Viktor Kovalenko and Valery Sokurenko became the first deputy and deputy chairman. The executive committee included representatives of the region's football assets, heads of military administrations, etc. Oleksandr Pivovarov was re-elected as the chairman of the KDC, and Serhiy Bortnyk was elected as the chairman of the appeals committee.

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It was also proposed to convene an extraordinary UAF Congress, which will consider important issues of the Ukrainian Football Association's activities. The proposal was supported by the majority of conference delegates.

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After the end of the conference, the first meeting of the newly elected Executive Committee of the HOAF took place, at which its members approved the updated logo of the association, supported the appointment of the executive director and formalized the issue of registration of membership in the regional association. The chairman of the HOAF instructed the association's working committees to be formed in the near future.


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