WU-15 team
15.02.2020 13:05

Oleksandr Mytko: “In modern football the goalkeeper requirements are the same despite the gender”

Goalkeeper coach of the national women's national teams of Ukraine Oleksandr Mytko told about the training of goalkeepers that in the beginning of February ...

04.02.2020 11:15

Goalkeepers of all women's national teams of Ukraine are preparing in Slavutych

There are active weekdays in the city of Slavutich for training

01.02.2020 11:02

Goalkeepers of the Ukrainian women's national team will hold a training camp in Slavutich

Today, February 1, in Slavutich, Kyiv region, training camp for the goalkeepers of the national women's national teams of Ukraine begins ...

19.01.2020 11:03

Unified calendar of events for women's football for 2020: events involving Ukrainian teams

The Executive Committee of the Ukrainian Football Association has approved the Single Calendar of Women's Soccer Events for 2020.

03.01.2020 11:00

WU-15: Ukraine's girls team will hold two training camps this year

In 2020, the youngest of Ukraine's girls' national teams will meet twice. The first collection, during which the plan ...

28.11.2019 17:02

Elena Kudzieva: “Belarusians prevailed due to their playfulness”

The Ukrainian WU-15 returned from Belarus, where it held two sparring sessions with local peers. In the first ...

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