Euro 2020 focuses on fans and offers digital service

Digital services will be the primary means of communication for fans during the Euro-2020 final, including free public transport during the game days and new entertainments for the UEFA Continental Championship.

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the European Cup

UEFA Competition Director Giorgio Marchetti said at a press conference in Bucharest today that this final tournament is truly unique both in the number of host countries and in view of the fact that the European football family is celebrating 60 - the anniversary of the start of the European Championships. With 2020 host cities across Europe preparing for Euro 12, the tournament will bring the competition closer to more fans than ever before. At the same time, this new experience of holding the Euro extends to a number of experimental innovations.

Digitization at Euro

"For Europe 2020, we are creating a new experience that is driven by the fans themselves," said UEFA Events SA CEO Martin Cullen. - Combining fan preferences and the latest digital technologies, we focus on providing a personalized approach to each fan. This starts with the introduction of digital tickets for specific target groups for each game. In addition, the e-ticket will be complemented by a suite of digital services designed to help fans make the most of their time, including attending a match, traveling to play and accommodation, and getting acquainted with what each host city has to offer » .

Free ticket for match ticket holders

UEFA expects a carnival atmosphere across Europe during the tournament, which will begin on Friday, June 12 in Rome and continue until the finals to be held on Sunday, July 12 at the Wembley Stadium in London. Thanks to the special online application of the Euro-2020 tournament, fans will be able to draw up a personal travel card which allows the ticket holder to use public transport for free on the day of the match in almost all cities (there are certain nuances in the individual hosts related to the specifics of the public transport system including the London Underground).

The UEFA Festival is more than just a game

The European Football Union also cooperates with the host cities in developing a viewing experience that extends beyond 90 minutes of play. Even if the fans do not have tickets for the match, they will be awaited by the exciting atmosphere and entertainment within the fan zones, which will be located in iconic venues in each of the host cities and will be called UEFA Festival. Organizers promise that such festivals will offer more than just football.

"For the 60th anniversary of the finale, we want to offer a festive atmosphere for everyone to make the Euro even more inclusive than before," Martin Cullen added. - For people who do not have tickets to the match but want to enjoy a football holiday, there will be fan zones in each of the host cities, where you can see the game by diving into a football carnival. For the same fans heading to the stadium, the final kilometer of their journey will be held in a fan march, which will include a number of bright and spectacular performances that play a key role in creating an atmosphere during the final countdown to the beginning of the game. "

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