First League. Efficiency of the Movement, disappointment of Volhynia and Kremin and force majeure of Avangard and Agribusiness

All the domestic first-team teams that spent the final period of preparation for the spring season in Turkey returned home.

At the end of the gathering in Belek, the fans of Lviv Rukh entertained their fans. Suffice it to say that in the last sparring, the leaders of the first division did not score less than three goals: first they took the lead over one of the pursuers, Lutsk "Volyn" - 3: 1, and then declared "Prykarpattya" - 3: 0. For the sake of fairness, it should be said that the Ivano-Frankivists resisted stubbornly, and the Lvivites finally tilted their scales to their side only at the end of the confrontation.

On a major note ended the gathering in Turkey, the players of the Movement, who defeated Carpathian - 3: 0. Photo by

Instead, the Volyn football players in Turkey have never celebrated any victories. Before returning to Lutsk, they gave way to the Belarusian Slavia - 0: 1. First of all, it was obvious that Andrei Tlumak's wards are uncertain about the final stage of the attacks. It remains to be patient and see if the Volyns will be able to settle their business directly in the championship.

And two more representatives of Ukraine clarified the relations in Turkey - Avangard and Agribusiness. By the way, this sparring was not planned, but the opponents of our fellow countrymen from Norway suddenly refused to enter the field, and had to make urgent adjustments. The first half went with the advantage of the Podolians who went on a break with a comfortable advantage in the score - 2: 0. But it did not knock out the avant-garde track, and they managed to escape from the defeat - 2: 2.

But Obolon-Brovar football players played just two home matches before returning home. At first they defeated compatriots from Zaporizhzhya Metallurg - 1: 0, and then they lost to Kiran from Kazakhstan with the same score. So far, the "brewers" have problems in the attack.

As for the Zaporozhians, in Turkey they also took the mountain over SDUSHOR No. 8 from Kazakhstan (2: 0) and dispersed peace with the Nigerian IMF (3: 3) and the Chinese "Changchun Yatai" (0: 0).

Cherkassy Region held only its second sparring this year, which lost to the second-seeded Niva from Vinnitsa in Vyshgorod - 1: 2. The benches of Cherkasy were replenished by Bohdan Kovalenko from Odessa Chernomorets and Dmitry Rozhko from Khmelnytsky Podillya. It seems that the necessary playing conditions for the players from Cherkasy will be acquired directly in official matches.

Minor note ended the preparatory period and the players of "Flint", who away gave away "Miner" from Kryvyi Rih - 0: 3. After the final whistle, the manager of the "Flint" Sergey Svistun succinctly evaluated the actions of his wards: "Standing in football do not play." The team is likely to draw the correct conclusions from this setback, otherwise it will not avoid relegation in the classroom.

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