Officially. Decision of the SCC UAF regarding the incident in the match of the first league of FC "Agribusiness" (Volochysk) - FC "Minai" (Uzhhorod)

The UAF Control and Disciplinary Committee considered the case at the request of the PFL and the UAF Ethics and Fair Play Committee regarding the incident that occurred on July 15, 2020 after the match of the 24th round of the Ukrainian Football Championship among the teams of FC Agrobusiness (Volochysk) - FC "Pass" (Uzhgorod).

According to the conclusion of the Ethics and Fair Play Committee of the UAF, the actions of the honorary president of FC "Agribusiness" (Volochysk) Sobutsky OM were recognized as a violation of the Code of Ethics and Fair Play, in particular, the use of physical force against the main referee and actions that harmed image of UAF and Ukrainian football in general.

As a result of the SCC's consideration, the UAF decided to: ban OM Sobutsky from any activity related to football for life; apply a financial fine of UAH 500 to FC Agrobusiness (Volochysk); to prohibit FC "Agribusiness" (Volochysk) from holding matches at the stadium "Youth" in Volochysk until a separate decision of the UAF Committee on Stadiums and safety of competitions.

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