The UAF Ethics and Fair Play Committee will investigate the performance of Ukrainian football players in the team from the so-called "LPR"

The Security Service of Ukraine contacted the UAF and reported that in the course of operational and investigative activities information was received that citizens of Ukraine registered in the UAF Information and Analytical Database, as part of the team from the so-called "LPR" "East-Coal" took participation in the international football tournament "League of Fraternal Nations 2020" among teams from unrecognized republics. The tournament was held on December 8-12 in Sukhumi, Republic of Abkhazia.

This appeal is being considered by the UAF Ethics and Fair Play Committee, in connection with which an investigation will be conducted into possible violations of the UAF Code of Ethics and Fair Play by football players in the issue of damaging the image of Ukrainian football. In order to ensure the standards of the minimum procedure, the following persons were offered to provide written explanations for their violation of the Code of Ethics and Fair Play:

  1. Asmaev Sergey Vadimovich, born in 1995;
  2. Belavin Marko Yevgenyevich, born in 1997;
  3. Zhariy Sergey Sergeevich, born in 1986;
  4. Tkachev Andrey Sergeevich, born in 1988;
  5. Ryabchynsky Vladislav Sergeevich, born in 1996;
  6. Varvanin Alexander Alexandrovich, born in 1997;
  7. Mayboroda Alexander Alexandrovich, born in 1996;
  8. Konovalov Roman Vitalievich, born in 1984;
  9. Yakovlenko Oleksiy Vitaliyovych, born in 1996;
  10. Eremin (in the base - Eremin) Alexey Vladimirovich, born in 1988;
  11. Tsyndryk Serhiy Oleksiyovych, born in 2004;
  12. Ivan Vitaliyovych Rudnytsky, born in 1991;
  13. Bebenin Vyacheslav Mykolayovych, born in 1995;
  14. Dryga Serhiy Serhiyovych, born in 1992;
  15. Naumov Eugene Sergeevich, born in 1995;
  16. Zakharov Mikhail Alexandrovich, born in 1995;
  17. Zubakhin Ivan Olegovich, born in 1986

It is proposed to send written explanations by March 02.03.2021, XNUMX inclusive to the e-mail address: [email protected]

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