Officials have been appointed to the Premier League round 25

Committees of the Ukrainian Football Association appointed officials for match 25of the first round of the championship of Ukraine among the teams of the Premier League of the season 2020/2021.

25 round


Dynamo - Mariupol. Mariupol. Stadium V.S. Fight. 14.00 Referee - Kovalenko AA (Poltava), assistant arbitrators - Shlonchak SM (Cherkasy), Vysotsky VO (Zaporizhzhya), the fourth arbitrator - Easter I.Yu. (Kherson), arbitration observer - Zadiran SM (Dnipro). UAF delegate - Gaivoronsky VI (Donetsk region). UAF Security Officer - Danzker BD (Donetsk region).

"Dnipro-1" - "Zorya". Dnipro. Dnipro-Arena Stadium. 19.00 Referee - Kryvushkin DV (Kharkiv), assistant arbitrators - Petrakov Ye.O. (Kyiv), Pristupa SA (Cherkasy region), the fourth arbitrator - Derevinsky OO (Kyiv), arbitration observer - Pokidko IR (Poltava). VAA Referee - VV Kopievsky (Kropyvnytskyi), VAA assistant - VV Volodin (Kherson), VAA observer - SG Lysenchuk (Kiev). UAF delegate - Nechiporenko OS (Kharkiv).

Vorskla - Desna. Poltava. Vorskla Stadium O. Butovsky. 19.00 Referee - Monzul KV (Kharkiv), assistant arbitrators - Grushko SA (Kyiv region), Striletska MS (Sumy), the fourth arbitrator - Solovyan OM (Kyiv), arbitration observer - Yarmenchuk IA (Kiev). VAA Referee - Romanov VM (Dnipro), VAA assistant - Matyash VV (Donetsk), VAA observer - Derdo VG (Black Sea). UAF delegate - Prokhorovich AV (Sumy).

"Alexandria" - "Ear". Alexandria. KSK "Nick". 19.00 Referee - Sandor OA (Lviv), assistant arbitrators - VO Nyzhnyk (Vinnytsia), Danilchenko EA (Luhansk), the fourth arbitrator - Abdula AB (Kharkiv), arbitration observer - Voytiuk OM (Zaporizhzhia). UAF delegate - VG Foshchiy (Cherkasy).


Minay - Shakhtar. Kiev. NSC "Olympic". 19.00 Referee - Novokhatniy VV (Kyiv), assistant arbitrators - Kholodynsky OV (Kharkiv region), Marulin S.Yu. (Kherson region), the fourth arbitrator - Blavatsky RA (Lviv), arbitration observer - Sandor AA (Lviv). UAF delegate - Ponaida SI (Lviv).

"Movement" - "Olympic". Lviv. Arena Lviv. 19.00 Referee - Boyko SM (Kyiv region), assistant arbitrators - Kutsev VA (Kyiv), Zhukov OV (Kharkiv), the fourth arbitrator - Panchyshyn DI (Kharkiv), arbitration observer - Ovchar MM (Kalush). VAA Referee - Aranovsky EA (Kyiv), VAA assistant - Skripka AM (Kropyvnytskyi), VAA observer - Shvetsov VB (Odessa). UAF delegate - Kucher OM (Rivne).

Ingulets - Lviv. Kropyvnytskyi. Zirka Stadium. 19.00 Referee - Balakin MO (Kyiv region), assistant arbitrators - Korotin VI (Kyiv), Skoblya VS (Kyiv), the fourth arbitrator - Omelchenko OV (Slavyansk), arbitration observer - Derevinsky OM (Kiev). VAA Referee - Shurman DL (Kyiv region), VAA assistant - Korniyko OS (Myrhorod), VAA observer - YM Yarmolynsky (Kyiv region). UAF delegate - Immortal VA (Kropyvnytskyi).

With official appointments for the matches of the next round of the championship among teams U-21 і U-19 you can read the relevant links.

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