The Espresso TV journalist team is the winner of the WhiteBIT Media Cup 2022 mini-football tournament

On November 19, on the occasion of the Day of Radio, Television and Communication Workers, in the fields of NTK named after V. Bannikova, the WhiteBIT Media Cup mini-football tournament took place.

Six teams took part in the tournament: the national team of journalists of Ukraine, the national team of comedians of Ukraine, the teams of the "Pryamiy" and "Espresso TV" channels, the UAF national team and the "Tribune" team.

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Before the start of the competition, the first vice-president of the UAF, Vadym Kostyuchenko, addressed the participants, who congratulated them on the professional holiday and thanked them for celebrating it with football matches. In addition, Kostyuchenko thanked media employees for the courage with which many of them defend our state on the front lines. 

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The first vice-president of the UAF, v. at. Anatolii Demyanenko, president of AVFU.

Group A

1. Collective UAF.

2. Direct channel.

3. Collective comedians of Ukraine.

Match results: 

UAF national team — national comedians of Ukraine — 5:1

Collective of Ukrainian comedians — Direct channel — 1:1

Collective UAF — Direct channel — 0:0

Group B

1. Espresso TV.

2. Collective of journalists of Ukraine.

3. Tribune.

Match results: 

Espresso TV — team of journalists of Ukraine — 4:1

The tribune — the national team of journalists of Ukraine — 0:8

Tribune — Espresso TV — 0:4


Team UAF — Espresso TV — 0:1

Match for 3-4 places

Ukrainian journalists' collective — Direct channel — 3:1

According to the results of the tournament, the best in nominations were:

the best goalkeeper — Andriy Mayorov (UAF national team);

the best defender — Yuriy Kandakov (National Team of Journalists of Ukraine);

the best midfielder — Vladyslav Galovanov (Direct Channel);

the best striker — Yuriy Karagodin (comedians of Ukraine);

the best scorer — Andrii Senkiv (Tribune);

the best player is Yevhenii Slyusar (Espresso TV).

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