Andrii Pavelko: "The most important thing is to build a national team system. I trust Serhiy Rebrov..."

Today, June 7, the capital's House of Football took place introduction of the new head coach national team of Ukraine.

The main team of the country was headed by Serhii Rebrov, whose headquarters at the moment entered five assistants. A press conference was held after the presentation. 

Answering journalists' questions about the tasks of the national team of Ukraine in the Euro-2024 selection and the venue of the team's home matches, Andriy Pavelko said:

"We understand that in the selection for Euro-2024 we got into a very difficult group. It will be fantastic if we go directly to the final tournament. We are waiting for the quality game of the team, which our fans will see. The boys will do everything in their power to complete the task of making it to the Euros. I am convinced that our players, like our soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, who show character and courage to the whole world every day, will go to matches confident in their strength and abilities to give their all.

There are certain criteria for the stadiums and countries where our home games will be played. Now we are preparing in Slovakia, we are negotiating about other matches with different countries. We are considering Germany, Poland, Austria. We will consider all possibilities for our team, our fans. There are many questions, including security ones. With each country with which we are negotiating, issues are being worked out. A little later we will announce them all.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

We have a national team, we would very much like it to be at all the final tournaments - Euro-2024, World Cup-2026. These are the main tasks. We see what the current group is, what exams are ahead of our team. The most important thing is to build a team system. Here, I trust Serhiy Rebrov to fully analyze the youth and youth national teams, so that we give a system that will work, so that everyone is in the same coordinate system under the guidance of the national team headquarters. I thank Serhii Stanislavovich for taking up this matter. I expect that in a few years we will see the results of this work.

I would like to thank our colleagues from the German Football Association for the important decision to hold the anniversary match with our national team. The funds collected from this match will be transferred to support Ukraine. It is very important that our national team will help fill the stadium in Bremen with its game. I am sure that the stadium will be full, and the game will be important not only in terms of information for the coaching staff, but also for Ukraine in general, because such matches help to raise money for the Armed Forces and the needs of our country. Thanks to our colleagues from Germany, this is a very big deal."

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