Conference League. "Dynamo" defeated "Aris" in a penalty shootout and advanced to the play-off round of qualification

"Dynamo" Kyiv managed to overcome the third round of qualification of the Conference League.

A week ago, Mircea Lucescu's wards lost to the Greek "Aris" in Thessaloniki — 0:1. Nominally, the return match at home was played by the Kyiv team in Bucharest, the hometown of their Romanian mentor.

In the first half, the white and blue tried to control the ball, while their opponents focused on counterattacks. Already after their first moment in the 39th minute, "Aris" opened the score - the combination with the participation of Moberg-Karlsson and Palma was completed by the ex-player of "Shakhtar" and "Dnipro-1" Jurasek.

Despite this, "Dynamo" recovered before the break. After an elegant pass from Sydorchuk, Voloshyn beat the goalkeeper Voloshyn with his head no less spectacularly. For Nazar, this is the first goal in his career in European cups.

At the start of the second half, Shaparenko distinguished himself with a shot from a distance into the plane, and the Greeks responded with a dangerous attack, during which Moberg-Karlsson miraculously did not close the far post. Later, Sydorchuk shot past the goal twice. The opponent had an inaccurate long-range attempt by Darida.

In the 77th minute, Yarmolenko intercepted the ball in front of someone else's penalty area, but hit it right into the hands of Hutesiotis. Soon, the goalkeeper of the Greeks came to the rescue after a great shot by Buyalskyi. And yet, in the 85th minute, "Dynamo" scored thanks to the efforts of the substitute players: Andrievsky made a great pass from the center of the field, and Karavaev scored in a touch.

Later, Andrievsky could have scored himself, but his free kick was pulled by Hutesiotis, and Dyachuk almost cut the ball into his own goal after a wing pass. Leismann also forgave "Dynamo" in stoppage time after a corner.

The score 2:1 in favor of Kyiv meant the match went into extra time. At the beginning, Yarmolenko almost blocked a dangerous cross from Diallo. The Greeks also regularly threatened Bushan's goal, but they could not break through it.

At the 106th minute, "Aris" remained in the minority - Pavychych received a second yellow card. However, "Dynamo" in the numerical majority did not manage to score. Moreover, in the 116th minute, Bushchan saved the white and blue team after Leismann's shot from a corner.

In the end, the teams were decided by a series of penalties, where Odubajo's miss was the key - 6:5 in favor of "Dynamo". Now in the playoff round of the Conference League, the white and blue will meet with the Turkish Besiktas. Dynamo will play the first match at home on August 24, and the return match will be played away on August 31.

Dynamo footballers who were called up for the last training session of the national team took part in the match: Bushchan (yellow card), Tymchyk (replaced in the 72nd minute), Sydorchuk (goal assist, replaced in the 72nd minute), Yarmolenko (replaced by 106th minute), Buyalskyi, Vanat (replaced in the 106th minute).

Conference League-2023/2024. Third qualifying round. Match-answer

"Dynamo" (Ukraine) — "Aris" (Greece) — 2:1 (1:1, 2:1), penalty shootout — 6:5

Goals: Voloshyn (45), Karavaev (85) — Jurasek (39).

Penalty Series: Brazhko — 1:0, Leismann — 1:1, Andrievsky — 2:1, Menendez — 2:1 (goalkeeper), Diallo — 3:1, Rupp — 3:2, Parris — 3:2 (goalkeeper), Ferrari — 3:3, Benito — 4:3, Christodoulopoulos — 4:4, Dyachuk — 5:4, Samora — 5:5, Dubinchak — 6:5, Odubajo — 6:5 (past the gate).

Dynamo: Bushchan, Tymchyk (Karavayev, 72), Dyachuk, Syrota, Dubinchak, Sydorchuk (k) (Brazhko, 72), Shaparenko (Andrievsky, 72), Yarmolenko (Perris, 106), Buyalsky, Voloshyn (Diallo, 82), Vanat ( Benito, 106).

Substitutions: Nescheret, Vivcharenko, Shepelev, Kabaev, Tsarenko, Bilovar.

Trainer: Mircea Lucescu.

Aris: Hutesiotis, Montoya, Leismann (k), Odubajo, Ferrari, Jurasek (Rupp, 59), Jules (Zamora, 106), Darida (Pavichic, 75), Moberg-Karlsson (Menendez, 59), Moron (Christodoulopoulos, 82), Palm (Matarrita, 82).

Substitutions: Julian, Panagidis.

Trainer: Apostolos Terzis.

Referee: Sebastian Gieshammer (Austria).

Booked: Sirota (105+1), Andrievsky (110), Dubinchak (not on the field), Bushchan (not on the field) — Pavychic (80), Palma (82), Matarrita (89), Odubajo (111), Christodoulopoulos (not on poly).

Sent off: Pavychych (106, "A").

August 17. Bucharest. Rapid Guleshti Stadium.

The first match - 0: 1.

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