The first league. "Kremin" crushes rivals in sparring matches, "Karpaty" invites players on loan, and "Podillia" is still on vacation

Gradually, the second-ranked teams of the division are gaining momentum in preparation for the spring part of the season. Six of them immediately take part in the tournament for prizes of the Football Association of Poltava region in February. The matches of the group stage are still ongoing.

Let's note the football players of "Kremeny", who won three sure victories in a row, in particular, they crushed compatriots from "Hirnik-Sport" - 5:1.

The rivalry between SC "Poltava" and FSC "Mariupol" was intense. Dangerous moments arose quite often, but both teams were not pleased with the result - 0:0.

In the same tournament, "Metalurg" won against "Vorskli" juniors - 1:0. Unfortunately, Volodymyr Mykytin's wards were not allowed to hold calendar matches in Zaporizhzhia in the spring, and now the club management is considering options with receiving visas in Dnipro, Kremenchuk or Horishnyi Plavnyi.

Football players of "Left Bank" won the sparring match with "Victoria" (2:0) thanks to the accurate shots of Ruslan Dedukh and Andriy Yakymiv. The former leader of "Chernihova-ShVSM" Maksym Serdyuk joined the ranks of Kyivans. As for "Viktoria", it was left by Yaroslav Galenko. He will be replaced in attack by Nazariy Nych, on loan from LNZ.

The players of "Agrobusiness" finished the control matches with the second league "Skala 1" and "Rukh-1" with the same score of 1911:2.

"Dinaz" is making efforts not to be lowered in class, so they invited experienced Mykhail Serhiychuk and Ruslan Palamar from "Niva" from Buziv.

On February 9, the main contender for a ticket to the UPL, Karpaty, will go to a training camp in Transcarpathia. The next newcomers from Lviv are Andrii Buleza from Shakhtar and Dmytro Irodovskyi from Metalurg.

The only first league team that is still on vacation is Podillia, but on February 8, Vitaliy Kostyshin's wards are also going to start preparing for new challenges.

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