"We are creating for Ukraine a fundamentally new system of security relations with the world's leading states." Address of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, addressed the people, talking about the strategically important vote in the United States and the subsequent reboot of our country's institutions.

"I wish you good health, dear Ukrainian men and women!

A brief report for the day.

The first is the front, and in particular Avdiivka, Kup'yansk, and Lyman. Maximum attention, maximum support.

Commander-in-Chief Syrskyi, Minister of Defense Umerov is currently on the ground, right there, at the front, all day. We visited all the hot spots of the front today. Reported on the situation. They solve the existing problems — the equipment of units, strengthening, management. It will be reinforced by drones, EW, command positions will also be strengthened. There will be a detailed report later.

Second, today there was a strategically important vote in the United States. A Senate vote for a package of continued support for our state, our soldiers, our efforts, and democracy in general. I am grateful to each senator for making a morally strong choice. Such a choice is now important not only for Ukraine, but also for all peoples whose independence is the target of Russian strikes - already in one way or another or planned strikes. Planned for the coming years. Putin never wanted to limit himself to one Ukraine — his goals are much broader. And even wider solidarity in defense is needed. The next step is a vote by the House of Representatives. This is very, very important. We expect the same morally strong choice and a solution that will work. Will work for common security.

The third is that the rebooting of the institutions of our state is in progress. In particular, the Defense Forces. And today — and the power of diplomacy. Lieutenant General Yevhen Moysiuk has been appointed a special commissioner and will deal with the implementation of international security guarantees for Ukraine and the development of the Defense Forces. We are creating for Ukraine a fundamentally new system of security relations with the leading states of the world, and every element of such relations must be fully implemented. So that there is no declarativeness. There is already a security agreement with Great Britain, we are preparing new agreements - ambitious agreements. And not only with European forces. Each agreement with partners must be implemented as soon as possible.

And one more.

We continue to prepare the Global Peace Summit. Regarding the key security aspects affected by the Russian war. Peace is always without alternatives and must be fair. Exactly what our people and any people in the world deserve. The aggressor should never win. And I am grateful to everyone who helps Ukraine, our soldiers, all our people.

Glory to all who fight for Ukraine, who work to preserve our independence. And to everyone who helps, thank you.

Glory to Ukraine!"

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