League of Europe. "Shakhtar" lost to "Marseille" and ended the European Cup season for Ukraine

Donetsk "Shakhtar" in the return match of the contact round of the Europa League lost to the French "Marseille" and ended the European Cup season.

A week ago, the miners in Hamburg drew with "Marseille" — 2:2. Now Marino Pushych's wards played the return match in France. Between the games, the Provencals managed to change the head coach. Let's add that due to disqualification, Bondar could not play for the orange and black team today.

The Ukrainians started the match well - Eginaldu's shot was blocked at the last moment, goalkeeper Sikan checked. And in the 12th minute, Shakhtar opened the scoring when Sudakov converted a penalty awarded to Eginaldu.

However, in the 23rd minute, "Marseille" recovered - the miners lost the ball in front of their own free kick, Arit passed it to Aubameyang, who beat Riznyk. After that, the hosts took the initiative, in particular, fulfilled many standards, had to rescue the Shakhtar goalkeeper several times. In the time added to the first half, the teams exchanged moments - Eginaldu did not manage to make a proper header, and Arit launched the ball above the goal after a pass from his partner.

At the beginning of the second half, Konoply lost a good opportunity, not hitting the target after Sudakov's corner kick. "Marseille" responded with a dangerous shot by Kloss near the post, Riznyk also parried Mumbaya's header.

In the 74th minute, the home team scored - after a penalty kick, the ball went to Sarr, who fired into the goal. The players could fight back, but Lopez parried Rakitsky's free kick. Later, "Marseille" upset Riznyk for the third time - Kondogbia scored from an acute corner after a penalty kick. As a result, the miners conceded with a score of 1:3. This concludes the European Cup season for both the orange and black team and Ukraine.

In the Shakhtar team, the players who were called up for the last training session of the national team took part in the match: Riznyk, Konoplia (yellow card), Matvienko (yellow card), Stepanenko (yellow card, replaced in the 85th minute), Zubkov (replaced by in the 84th minute), Sudakov (goal), Sikan (replaced in the 84th minute).

League of Europe. Contact round. Match-answer

Marseille (France) - Shakhtar (Ukraine) - 3: 1 (1: 1)

Goals: Aubameyang (23), Sarr (74), Kondogbia (81) — Sudakov (12, from the penalty).

"Marseille": Lopez, Mbemba, Meite, Gigo (k), Merlin, Kloss, Kondogbia, Unahi (Weretu, 64), Arith (Soglo, 90+4), Mumbaya (Sarr, 64), Aubameyang (Ndiaye, 85).

Substitutions: Ngapanduetnbu, Blanco, Correa, Enrique.

Trainer: Jean-Louis Gasse.

Shakhtar: Riznyk, Konoplia, Rakitsky, Matvienko, Azarov (Pedrinho, 85), Stepanenko (k) (Neverton, 85), Zubkov (Swed, 84), Bondarenko (Kryskiv, 84), Sudakov, Eginaldu, Sikan (Traore, 84).

Substitutions: Rudko, Gocholeishvili, Kelsey, Miroshi, Nazarina, Kevin, Tsukanov.

Trainer: Marino Pushych.

Referee: Tobias Stiler (Germany).

Booked: Zhigo (17) — Eginaldu (45), Konoplia (45+3), Matvienko (58), Stepanenko (80), Rakitsky (90+2).

February 22. Marseille. "Stade de Marseille".

The first match - 2:2.

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