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17.06.2020 17:25

Euro 2020. The UEFA Executive Committee has approved a new schedule of matches for the final tournament

The UEFA Executive Committee, which was attended by the President of the UAF, a member of the UEFA Executive Committee Andriy Pavelko,

11.06.2020 12:24

Decisions on tournaments involving national teams and clubs to be made on June 17: UEFA Executive Committee agenda

Following the results of the first day of the UEFA Executive Committee meetings, on June 17, 2020, an online press conference will be held, reports

20.05.2020 12:00

Euro 2020: Ukraine will play in Bucharest, which confirmed intention to host the tournament in 2021

At the European Championship, the national team of Ukraine will play in Bucharest, which on Tuesday confirmed its readiness to host the tournament in 2021. 

10.05.2020 14:08

Ukraine's route to Euro-XNUMX: six series of UAF special project

UAF has created a special project for fans called # Routes of the National Team. In six exclusive roles, the press secretary of the national team of Ukraine Ole ...

23.04.2020 19:07

Officially. UEFA Executive Committee's decision regarding the national team's and club's tournaments in 2020

Сьогодні у форматі відеоконференції відбулося засідання Виконавчого комітету УЄФА, в якому взяв участь президент Української асоціації футболу...

23.04.2020 17:28

Officially. Euro 2020 will have the same name in the 2021

Following the postponement of Euro 2020 for the summer of 2021 and after careful internal monitoring, as well as discussions with partners, the UEF Executive Committee ...

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