10.09.2023 16:00

Olympics-2024: one more potential opponent of the national team of Ukraine in the football tournament has been determined

The New Zealand team became the 10th participant of the football tournament among the men's national teams at the 2024 Olympics, which in the final of the qualification...

08.08.2023 16:03

UAF took part in a workshop on preparations for the 2024 Olympic Games

The Ukrainian Football Association took part in the meeting chaired by the President of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine,...

09.07.2023 15:14

Olympics-2024: nine participants of the men's football tournament, where the national team of Ukraine will perform, are already known

We will remind, after defeating France (3:1) in the quarter-final match of Euro-2023 (U-21) and winning a ticket to the semi-finals, the youth team...

04.07.2023 11:44

Officially. Regarding the head coach of the Ukrainian national football team during the 2024 Olympics

On July 2, the youth national team of Ukraine, having defeated France (3:1) in the quarter-final match of Euro-2023 (U-21), not only won...

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