News from the camp of the national team of Ukraine: the evening arrival of the champions

The third day of the national team gathering in Kharkiv was similar to the previous one, but the training was somewhat different.

Developing the structure of the game and hitting the goal

In the morning, the team conducted a training session, the main task of which was to build the structure of the game. On Wednesday, blue and yellow will play sparring with Dnipro-1, and in this control match the players of national and youth teams will act as one team, and therefore, have to understand each other and act together. In addition, the development of a structured game model will be useful for the youth players in at least two respects - both during their performances at the level and in the event of a challenge to the national team in the future. In addition to the game series, the coaching staff offered the performers to work out shots on goal.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

Roman Bezus: Working on Positive Emotions

After intensive training, Roman Bezus, taking a short breath, shared his impressions of the work at the assembly: “The atmosphere in the national team is, as always, wonderful. We rested for four to five days with families and now we are working with positive emotions and good mood. Even the weather is sunny, so there is almost no fatigue. Young people want to show themselves by teaching a hundred at training sessions. I think a little worried, but everything will be fine. If they are already playing in the youth team, then everyone has a chance to get an invitation to the national team in due time. We have two important matches ahead of us, and we are starting to develop the structure of the game a little bit. "

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

In the evening - fitness and the arrival of champions

Like yesterday, both teams will have an evening session at the gym. Physical training coach Ivan Bashtovy will load the players with physical work aimed at strengthening the muscles of the bark and upper shoulder girdle.

Two of the most successful players in this club season will arrive tonight at the national team camp - Ruslan Malinowski, who, in addition to the gold medal of the Belgian champion, also won a number of individual prizes, and Alexander Zinchenko, who with his club made a three-trophy hat The Premier League, the FA Cup and the FA Cup.

Two more footballers closing the list of formerly called Legionnaires, Artem Kravets and Eduard Sobol, held the final matches for their clubs yesterday. So, with the consent of the head coach, they will arrive at the location of the national team on June 1, after receiving some rest days.

Photo by Pavlo Kubanov

2 June - training at Metalist and a press conference

A training session at Metalist Stadium is scheduled for June 2, which is expected to be attended by all players invited to the national team. The last to receive the invitation to the national team is known to be the goalkeeper Yuri Pankov today. Before Sunday's start, the head coach of the blue and yellows, Andriy Shevchenko, communicates with the mass media in the conference hall of the Kharkiv arena.

Oleksandr Glyvynskyy, spokesman for the national team of Ukraine

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