U-21: Ukraine's national team defeated peers from Greece

Ruslan Rotany's team decided the fate of the match after the break, scoring two goals at the home side.

A friendly match between the national teams of Greece and Ukraine took place today. On the rights of the hosts, the Greeks started the fight more actively, but except for three standard provisions in the debut, they remembered nothing more. And speaking of the whole, the first half was completely overwhelming with the blue and yellows, though there were only two really dangerous moments during this time. In the 10th minute, after the transfer of Bondar, Hemp came out on his own, but was unable to beat the goalkeeper, and in the 27th minute after Alibekov's transfer at a sharp angle to the rendezvous with the goalkeeper of the national team of Greece went Rusin, but delayed with a blow. In the 32nd minute Rusyn was able to score, but according to the local referee, the forward did it from offside.

During the break, Ukraine's coaches probably made adjustments, as in the 53rd minute, blue-yellow opened the scoring. After the transfer of Smyrna the resultant shot from afar was marked by Shaparenko. He became Smyrna's assistant in the second goal, which scored Rusyn in the 58th minute.

Friendly Match

Greece (U-21) - Ukraine (U-21) - 0: 2 (0: 0)

Goals: Shaparenko (53), Rusin (58).

Ukraine (U-21): Nescheret (Kucheruk, 46), Hemp, Popov, Bondar, Lebedenko, Alibekov (Kryskiv, 66), Cheberko (Nazarenko, 59), Shaparenko, Lednev (Tsitaishvili, 59), Topalov (Smirny, 46), Rusyn (Kozhushko, 74) ).

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