Before the draw for the Euro-2025 qualifying tournament (U-21): Ukraine is in the second basket

On February 2 at 10.00:2025 a.m. Kyiv time, the draw ceremony for the Euro-21 (U-XNUMX) qualifying tournament will begin in Nyon.

Among the youth national teams, 2025 teams will participate in the 53 European Championship, one of which, Slovakia, as the host, already has a ticket to the final tournament. Liechtenstein did not qualify, and Russia, according to the decision of the UEFA Executive Committee, was not allowed to participate in the competition.

Thus, 52 national teams will play in the selection. According to the UEFA rankings (indicators in the qualifying and final competitions of Euro-2019, Euro-2021 and in the selection for Euro-2023) the teams were divided into six baskets. Ukraine got to the second. 

The composition of the baskets of the qualifying tournament Euro-2025 (U-21)

Pot 1: Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Netherlands, England, Denmark, Italy, Romania.

Pot 2: Croatia, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Sweden, Austria, Ireland.

Pot 3: Norway, Greece, Iceland, Slovenia, Israel, Finland, Georgia, Serbia, Scotland.

Pot 4: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Turkey, North Macedonia, Wales, Belarus, Northern Ireland, Albania.

Pot 5: Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova, Lithuania, Faroe Islands, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Latvia.

Pot 6: Malta, Armenia, Luxembourg, Andorra, Estonia, Gibraltar, San Marino.

During the draw procedure, 52 teams will be divided into nine groups. Seven of them will have six national teams and two will have five.

The final part of Euro 2025 (U-21) will feature 16 teams: Slovakia and 15 more national teams that will join it based on the selection results (nine group winners, three best teams among runners-up and three play-off winners, in which will be played by six runners-up).

Windows for matches of the group stage of qualification


  • March 20-28;
  • June 12-20;
  • September 4-12;
  • October 9-17;
  • November 13-21.


  • March 18-26;
  • September 2-10;
  • October 7-15.

Playoffs: November 11-19, 2024.

We would like to add that the following groups will be divided during the draw: Ukraine and Belarus, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Gibraltar and Spain, Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia.

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