Andriy Yarmolenko: "Serhii Stanislavovych likes smart football, so that there is a balance between attack and defense"

The captain of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Yarmolenko talked about the preparation for the June matches under the leadership of Serhiy Rebrov.

On June 10, the national team of Ukraine, preparing for a friendly match with Germany, held its third training session in Bremen. The main work was devoted to working out the tactical elements of the game model, which the coach of the blue and yellow Serhiy Rebrov is preparing for the match.

Its captain, Al-Ainu football player Andriy Yarmolenko spoke about the peculiarities of the national team's work.

"The mood in the team is good, we try to encourage each other, but when you look at what is happening in your country, what terrorists are doing in the Kherson region, the good mood quickly disappears. But I am sure that we will win, thanks to our soldiers everything will be fine.

We don't have as much time to prepare as we would like. Therefore, the days are very intense, the theory is twice a day. Yesterday there were two trainings, today - one, but normal, one might say. The coach tries to explain his vision of the game — in attack, in defense. The boys try to listen to him and do what Serhii Stanislavovych asks.

Rebrov is an experienced coach who has worked in many championships. I see that he chooses tactics, pushing away from the players. There are small innovations, but, in principle, the style of play that was in "Al-Ain" or in "Dynamo Kyiv" when we worked together - I can't say that anything has changed. Serhii Stanislavovych likes smart football, not just defending or kicking the ball forward, he likes to have a balance between attack and defense. It's interesting to listen to him, I can see that the guys were absorbed by his tactical ideas. The most important thing is that we do on the football field what he asks of us in training and theoretical classes. Then, I am sure, there will be a positive result.

The German national team has always been and remains one of the best in the world. It is interesting to test yourself at this level. Thanks to the Germans for the invitation, may the strongest win. But the fact that this game is a friendly, the 1000th in history for them, means nothing, because we know that we will be supported by millions of our fans at home. We want to show a good game so that people will have fun, a little positive in these difficult times," said Andriy Yarmolenko.

It will be recalled that the Ukrainian national team will play a match against Germany on June 12 in Bremen at the Weserstadion. It will be a charity friendly match, which will be the 1000th in the history of the Bundesstimm (starts at 19.00:XNUMX Kyiv time).

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