Ruslan Rotan: Boys are motivated. They go step by step, the next one is the hardest. We understand the Spain strengths

The head coach of the youth national team of Ukraine, Ruslan Rotan, spoke at a press conference on the eve of the semi-final match of Euro-2023 (U-21) against the Spanish team, which will take place on July 5 in Bucharest, Romania (start at 22.00:XNUMX p.m. Kyiv time).

What are the personnel problems in the team?

— Kryskiv misses the game due to a series of yellow cards. Vyunnyk has the same problem with his hand - tomorrow we will check it, maybe he will go on the field.

How do you prepare your players to focus on the game?

— First of all, it is about restoration. Unfortunately, only two days passed between matches. This is also very important, because yesterday there was a flight, there were moves to another city, a slightly different climate. It was slightly colder in Cluj-Napoca than in Bucharest. And there are no problems with motivation. The guys are motivated, they go step by step, the next one is the hardest. We understand the strength of the Spanish national team, it is a very powerful team. We met in the group, but there is another game ahead. Spain at the youth level beat everyone, won all the tournaments. We know and remember this well, we are aware of the strength of this opponent.

Spain is very warm to Ukraine, maybe even sometimes the fans would like you to win. What do you think about this?

— First of all, thank you very much for your support in this difficult situation. You are with us side by side, which is very nice. Believe me, the Ukrainian people are very grateful for this - to everyone who helps our country, supports us. Thank you!

Have you spoken to Vanat regarding his disqualification?

— We talked with him after the match, he understands the whole essence of the problem. This moment gave him an opportunity to think carefully, because he is practically just starting the tournament tomorrow. This is an important lesson for Vladyslav. We have to support him, he will get his chance.

У duel against France we had problems going from defense to attack. Is it a well-prepared opponent, or is it a systemic problem that needs to be addressed somehow?

— France is a team that presses very well, returns the ball powerfully. The beginning of the match was for the French, they blocked the middle, it was difficult for us to get through it. In such density, it is very important to play with space. I am very pleased with the fact that we adjusted after the goal, started playing in space, and it worked for us.

In the group you played against Spain a draw. What conclusions did you draw from that match?

— Yes, we conducted an analysis based on the first match against Spain. This is a structured team that always plays as number one. All national teams study it, they know it, but, despite this, almost all the mechanisms of the Spaniards work, which causes all the opponents to suffer. The guys and I did a theoretical lesson before the first game and now, we took these points into account. On the field, everything is decided by individual skill, as well as mood and character. Everything is then combined into a single result. I think that Spain has learned us well, as we have learned it. Tomorrow there will be a game that will give one of the teams a chance to advance. Therefore, it will be a completely different match, everything will be on the football field. I am sure that both teams will give XNUMX percent to make the dream move.

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