Women's Champions League. "Vorskla" beat "Flora" in extra time and reached the final of the first round of the tournament

Poltava "Vorskla" beat Estonian "Flora" in extra time in the semi-finals of the first round of the Women's Champions League 2023/2024.

On June 30, Nyon, Switzerland took place of the draw the first round of the Women's Champions League. In the 2023/2024 season, for the first time in history, Ukraine will be represented in these competitions by two teams - Poltava "Vorskla" (the successor to "Zhytlobuda-2"), which plays on the Champions' Road, and Kryvyi Rih "Kryvbas", which competes on the Road of League Representatives.  

By the will of the draw, "Vorskla" at this stage got into group 2, the matches of which are held in Sarajevo, Bosnia. There, the opponent of the Poltava team in the semi-finals was the Estonian "Flora".

The first half was dominated by the Ukrainian women, Kozlova opened the scoring in the 27th minute. The Estonians managed to recover, but just before the break, Kotyk returned the advantage to "Vorskli" again.

Immediately after the break, "Flora" equalized the score, and in the 78th minute managed to get ahead. Fortunately, before the end of regular time, Korsun had time to sign in the goal of the Estonians, thereby transferring the match to an additional 30 minutes.

At the beginning of extra time, Kravchuk scored the fourth goal for Poltava. It was he who led the Ukrainian team to the final of the first round — 4:3. So, on September 9, Nataliya Zinchenko's wards will meet in the final with the Croatian Osijek.

We will remind that "Kryvbas" was in group 3, the matches of which will take place in Linköping, Sweden. There, in the 1/2 finals, he will play against the French "Paris".

Champions League 2023/2024 among women's teams. The first round

The way of champions. Group 2



Vorskla (Ukraine) — "Flora" (Estonia) — 4:3 (2:1, 3:3), d. h.

Goals: Kozlova (27), Kotyk (44), Korsun (88), Kravchuk (93) — Tammik (38), Lillemäye (47), Uleksin (78).

Vorskla: Bondarchuk (Samson, 83), Shayniuk (Radionova, 106), Korsun, Kotyk, Podolska, Davydenko (Kulmagambetova, 83), Petryk, Andrukhov, Osipyan (Kravchuk, 57), Kozlova (Kotyash, 72), Kalinina (k).

"Flora": Wichman, Kurg (Saar, 46), Rosen, Ryayamet, Uleksin (Saulep, 103), Tullus (k) (Ivanova, 91), Tammik, Tarkmeel, Lillemäe, Kubacsova, Theirn (Häberli, 46, Palts, 110).

Referee: S. Torosyan (Armenia).

Booked: Davydenko (67), Kravchuk (102) — Rosen (70), Lillemäye (106), Ryayamet (120).

Sent-off: Rosen (120, "F").

September 6. Sarajevo Olympic Stadium "Asim Ferkhatovych-Kase".

"Sarajevo" (Bosnia and Herzegovina) — "Osijek" (Croatia) — 0:4


Match for 3rd place

"Sarajevo" (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - "Flora" (Estonia) 12.00


Vorskla (Ukraine) — "Osijek" (Croatia) 18.00

The path of representatives of the leagues. Group 3



"Arsenal" (England) - "Linköping" (Sweden) 18.00

"Paris" (France) — "Kryvbas" (Ukraine) 22.00


Final at 16.00

Match for 3rd place 20.00

The kick off is Kyiv time.

The dates of the 2023/2024 Champions League among women's teams

Second round

First matches: October 10/11, 2023.
Return matches: October 18/19, 2023.

Group stage

Round 1: November 14/15, 2023.
Round 2: November 22/23, 2023.
Round 3: 13/14 December 2023.
Round 4: 20/21 December 2023.
Round 5: January 24/25, 2024.
Round 6: January 30/31, 2024.


First matches: March 19/20, 2024.
Return matches: March 27/28, 2024.


First matches: April 20/21, 2024.
Return matches: April 27/28, 2024.

Final (San Mames Stadium, Bilbao, Spain)

May 25 or 26, 2024.

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