"Open football lessons" visited FC "YUKSA" in Kyiv region

The social project of the Ukrainian Football Association with the support of UEFA "Open Football Lessons" visited the children's and youth football school of FC "YUKSA" in the Fastiv district of the Kyiv region. A festival was held there, in which 72 children aged nine to 13 took part.

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"This event took place at a wonderful football stadium, where coaches-teachers of the FC Yuksa FC, physical culture and sports specialists of the football club's educational center, and young leaders, using various means of football activities, instilled in the children a sense of friendship and mutual assistance; developed such valuable moral qualities as a sense of responsibility, respect for partners and rivals, discipline, activity, - said Bohdan Balan, the leader of local volunteers. — Each participant of the event showed his personal qualities — independence, initiative, creativity.

Photo of UAF press service

Employees of the explosives service of the Main Department of the National Police in the Kyiv region also took part in the event and held a very useful instructional meeting with the children. The highlight of the "Open Soccer Lessons" were soccer games between children, which became a real celebration. All the participants of the "Open Soccer Lessons" were awarded and they were all excited to be a part of the festival. It is important that the children showed a desire to play football in the future."

Photo of UAF press service

The project of the Ukrainian Football Association "Open Fun Football Schools" (Open Fun Football Schools) with the support of UEFA is:

  • psychosocial support for children of armed forces, children of IDPs, children affected by war;
  • association and friendship of IDP children with local children, social integration;
  • inclusive environment, participants regardless of ability level, gender, as well as the participation of children with special educational needs;
  • knowledge of security in conditions of war;
  • the philosophy of mass football — the joy of the game instead of the result at any cost;
  • education of a healthy lifestyle;
  • development of volunteerism;
  • activation of local communities through cross-sectoral networks (teachers, trainers, psychologists, security specialists, parents, youth leaders, local authorities, patrons, etc.).

All project activities are carried out in the regions in agreement with the regional military administrations.

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