"Open football lessons" visited Odessa at the Chornomorets stadium

October 26 at the city's central football arena Odesa, at the Chornomorets stadium, a wonderful children's sports event took place — "Open football lessons" festival.

Children from families of defenders of Ukraine, families of immigrants and children with special needs had the opportunity to communicate, learn a lot and enjoy football in the main arena of Odesa, where masters of the highest level play.

Before the start of the wonderful sports day, the participants were greeted by Oleg Samsonov, the executive director of the Odesa Regional Football Association, and Valentina Kolchak, the head of the Regional Department of Physical Culture and Sports.

The national project of the Ukrainian Football Association "Open Football Lessons" is implemented in Odesa Oblast by the Odesa Oblast Football Association. This year, the project was implemented in Odesa together with various organizations that did everything to make this very bright day memorable for the children.

Photo of UAF press service

On the field, the coaches of the "Nanokids" football club, players of the "Sisters" football club, representatives of the Olympic Committee branch and the regional juvenile police department helped the children to complete all the exercises and tasks. Security was supervised by representatives of the State Emergency Service of Odesa region.

During the break, a quiz on the Olympic theme was held for children's active recreation. For correct answers, the participants received souvenirs with Olympic symbols. Also, each of them received goodies from the partners of the event.

After all the tests on the football field, the children were given a visit to the locker rooms of professional football players. And then there was an interesting excursion to the Museum of sports glory of FC Chornomorets.

Photo of UAF press service

The Odesa Regional Football Association would like to thank everyone who took part in the organization of the "Open Football Lessons" festival in Odesa: the management of the Chornomorets Stadium, the coaching staff of the Nanokids FC, the youth police of Odesa, the regional administration of the Ukrainian National Football Association, the Women's Football Club "Sisters", the "Sports shelter" project, the BF "Caritas Odesa UGCC", the leadership of the Luhansk regional branch of the NOC of Ukraine.

The plot of the TV channel "Grad" about "Open football lessons" in Odesa:

In total, since 2010, 11 Open Football Lessons festivals have been held in Odesa region: Tatarbunary (2010); Dmytrivka, Tatarbunar district (2011); Tatarbunary (2012); Sarata (2014); Bolgrad (2015); Ishmael (2016); Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky (2016); Baraboy of the Ovidiopol district (2018); Pavlovka of Artsyz district (2019); Yuzhne (2020); Usatove (2021).

In order to hold a children's event at a high level, the team of local organizers undergoes mandatory training at an all-Ukrainian seminar from the Ukrainian Football Association. In August of this year, such a seminar was attended by representatives of Odesa (Taras Vernyhor) and Izmail (Serhiy Railyan) in Ivano-Frankivsk. The next festival is already planned to be held in Izmail in 2024.

The project of the Ukrainian Football Association "Open Fun Football Schools" (Open Fun Football Schools) with the support of UEFA is:

  • psychosocial support for children of armed forces, children of IDPs, children affected by war;
  • association and friendship of IDP children with local children, social integration;
  • inclusive environment, participants regardless of ability level, gender, as well as the participation of children with special educational needs;
  • knowledge of security in conditions of war;
  • the philosophy of mass football — the joy of the game instead of the result at any cost;
  • education of a healthy lifestyle;
  • development of volunteerism;
  • activation of local communities through cross-sectoral networks (teachers, trainers, psychologists, security specialists, parents, youth leaders, local authorities, patrons, etc.).

The Ukrainian Football Association, in addition to training local organizers, provides football equipment, sports equipment, training aids and mock-ups for the festival.

The regional curator of the national project "Open football lessons" is Serhii Galyuza.

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