Volodymyr Pyatenko: "The wards acted as number one, and this plan justified itself"

The women's national team of Ukraine twice defeated the team of Bulgaria in the contact matches of the League of Nations-2023/2024 (4:0, 3:0) and extended registration in division B.

In an interview with the official website of the UAF, the head coach of the blue and yellow Volodymyr Pyatenko shared his impressions of these confrontations:

— In the report on ranks, Ukraine's position is much higher. I will pay tribute to the wards, who did not allow themselves to throw their hats, took their opponents seriously, and this brought significant dividends.

— If you compare the game of the Ukrainian women in both matches, in Kirzhali and Antalya, was it somehow different?

— No, my wards acted as number one, adopting a tactical scheme of 4—4—2, tried to overcome the middle of the field with the ball in one or two touches and emphasized the flank passes, as the opponents concentrated significant forces on the approaches to the center of the penalty area site This plan paid off.

— And after the crushing defeat in Kirzhali today, it was felt that the Bulgarians worked on their mistakes and are making efforts to give a fight?

— They tried to meet us high, but we were ready for it, skilfully got out of the pressure and, thanks to the advantage in speed, made the visitors think more about defense. Unfortunately, we were also wrong today and it prevented us from winning by an even bigger score.

Do any of the girls deserve to be honored?

- I don't practice it. I believe that each of the wards made a significant contribution to the victory. I would like to note that the microclimate in the team is excellent. I would also like to thank my assistants, who made sure that I had comprehensive information about the strengths and weaknesses of the Bulgarian national team.

— Compared to the first match, in Kirzhali, in Antalya, there were four substitutions in the starting line-up at once...

— We have a rather long bench, and it is important that as many football players as possible have playing practice.

— How does Veronika Andruhiv feel, who collided with her rival in Kirzhali and did not avoid a concussion?

— All these days, Veronika was in the location of the national team under the supervision of the medical staff. She is doing well now and hopefully will be back in action at the end of March.

— When will the women's national team of Ukraine gather again?

- Never rest on your laurels. Already on March 5, the draw for the selection cycle of the European Championship will take place, and on March 28 we plan to start the collection. And where will depend on who we play in the first round at the beginning of April.

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