World Cup 2020

World Cup 2020
22.07.2020 11:03

FIFA has updated the calendar of international futsal matches for 2020-2024

FIFA has published on its official website an updated calendar of futsal matches (dates for windows) for the nearest ...

16.07.2020 09:35

FIFA has officially released the 2022 World Cup calendar

The final stage of the 2022 World Cup will begin on November 21,

21.06.2020 15:38

Officially. Updated calendar of all UEFA tournaments with national teams and clubs

The COVID-19 pandemic previously forced the Union of European Football Associations to postpone ...

12.05.2020 16:04

FIFA has set dates for three World Cups

Today, the Bureau of the FIFA Council announced the decision on the date of the 70th Congress of the ...

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