Ukraine at the Futsal European Championships: two medals and a quarterfinal series

In 2001 and 2003 the Ukrainian national team won silver of the Continental Championship.

Futsal European Championship

The UEFA Futsal European Championships were first held in 1996 and, since 1999, are held every two years. The only exception was the period when, after the European Championships in Portugal in 2007, the next championship was accepted by Hungary in 2010.

Currently the champion of Europe is the national team of Spain, and she holds the record for the number of titles. The Spanish became the champions of the continent seven times.

Ukraine national team at the European Championships

The national team of Ukraine made its way to the final part of the European Championship immediately, in 1996. That tournament was experimental, and only six teams took part in the decisive part. Our wife under the leadership of Gennady Lysenchuk took fifth place, beating the national team of the Netherlands in a face-to-face duel - 4: 3 OT.

The next European Championship blue-and-yellow missed, losing in the decisive match selection to the Portuguese. Instead, in 2001 and 2003, the team achieved the greatest success in their history, winning the European Championship twice.

In 2001 in Moscow, the Ukrainians took second place in the group and reached the semifinals, where they defeated the Italians - 3: 3 (5: 4 on penalties). In the final, our team lost to the Spaniards only in extra time with a score of 1: 2.

In 2003 in Italy, the national team of Ukraine won the group, defeated the Czechs in the semifinals - 5: 1 and in a decisive match for gold met with the Italians. The fate of the match was decided by the only ball of Squadra Azzurri, and the Ukrainians received the second silver medal of the European Championship in history.

In the future, our achievements in the championships of the continent was as follows:

2005 - fourth place;

2007 - group stage;

2010 - 1/4 finals;

2012 - 1/4 finals;

2014 - 1/4 finals;

2016 - 1/4 finals.

In total, in the finals of the European Championship, the national team of Ukraine played 33 matches, won 11 games, drew six times and lost 16 matches. The goal difference is 82-88.

Sergey Koridze

Individually, the best player of the Ukrainian national team at the European Championships is Serhiy Koridze, who twice became the top scorer of the continental championship. In 2001 and 2003, Koridze scored seven goals each in the final of the European Championship.

The meeting between Ukraine and Portugal at the 2003 championship was a real star hour for Serhiy. The match ended with a score of 7: 4 in favor of the Ukrainians, and Koridze scored five times in one match, setting a record for the European Championship finals.


The national team of Ukraine got another chance to compete for the gold of the European Championship this year. At Euro 2018, which started in Slovenia, she will play in Group C. On February 2, Oleksandr Kosenko's wards will play with the Romanians, and on February 4 - with the Portuguese. 

Calendar of all Euro 2018 matches

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