Ukrainian fans spoke with Ruslan Rotan, Yevgeny Cheberk and Bogdan Ladnev as part of the Star Guest project

On October 6, at the Lavina Mall shopping and entertainment center, the Star Guest project hosted the fourth meeting of Ukrainian fans with their football idols.

Today, the star ex-midfielder of the national team of Ukraine came to the mall, and now - the head coach of the national team of Ruslan Rotan. Together with him, the participants of the event were the captain of "youth" Yevgeny Cheberko and her midfielder, "Ukrainian David Beckham" Bogdan Lednev.

Photo of UAF press service

The event was organized by the Ukrainian Football Association and Lavina Mall. About 200 fans gathered to meet their idols. According to good tradition, at the beginning and at the end of the event, Ruslan Rotan, Yevgeny Cheberko and Bogdan Lednev conducted an autograph session and allowed supporters to take photos with them.

First, the questions of the host “Star Guest” Mykola Vasylkov regarding the national team of Ukraine were answered by children with disabilities, who received three footballs from the “Intersport” company as a gift and prizes from the Ukrainian Football Association.

Photo of UAF press service

After that, the fans had the opportunity to ask their questions to the stars. In particular, they learned that Ruslan Rotan dreamed of playing against Lionel Messi and the Argentina national team, never had the desire to end football early, and his talisman in life was a family. The most important matches in his football career are the manager of the Ukrainian youth team considers the finals of the 2015 Europa League Dnipro - Sevilla (2: 3) and the match between the teams of Ukraine and England in Dnipropetrovsk in 2009 (1: 0).

Yevgeny Cheberko said that as a kid he dreamed of being an astronaut and had never played training. And Bogdan Ladnev, besides football, is very fond of table tennis and billiards, sees himself in the future in the T-shirt of the national team of Ukraine and after each lesson for 30 minutes to work out the standards.

Photo of UAF press service

After completing this part of the event, three young football fans, who asked the stars the most interesting questions, received balls with the autographs of their idols as a gift.

The last point of the Star Guest event was the drawing of two pairs of tickets for the most anticipated football match of the year - Ukraine - Portugal! They were won by football supporters who gave the correct answers to the questions about the national team of Ukraine and the Lavina Mall.

In addition, an introduction to KONAMI's eFootball PES2020 was the highlight of today's event. This is the discipline in which UEFA will hold its first European Cyber ​​Football Championship in 2020. The Ukrainian Football Association has decided to participate in this tournament and to create the first Ukrainian national team for cyber football.

Any Ukrainian from the age of 16 who can participate in this team can participate registered on the UAF website and the appropriate stages of national selection will take place. The staff of the Ukrainian Football Association directly in the west informed that in general two players should be selected for the national team, which will defend our country's honor at the European Championship.

The two previous selection stages will be online on November 5-6 and November 12-13. According to their results, eight contenders for two places in the national team will be determined. And finally, on November 30, the Final selection stage will be held at the House of Football, which will name the names of two future players of the national team of cyber football.

Recall that "Star Guest" is an event in which fans have the exclusive opportunity to become closer to their favorite players. During the meetings, all guests of Lavina Mall can have a great time in a sporting atmosphere with football stars!

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