WU-15: Elena Kudzieva's team lost in second friendly match with Belarus

In the second control match in Minsk against the team of Belarus, the girls' national team of Ukraine WU-15 lost.

After a draw in the first friendly (0:0) Elena Kudzieva's wards played the second control match against the national team of Belarus today. In Minsk in the ABFF arena the girls' national team of Ukraine WU-15 missed on a ball in each of halves and as a result lost with the account 0: 2.

Friendly Match

Belarus (WU-15) - Ukraine (WU-15) - 2: 0 (1: 0)

Ukraine (WU-15): Zagirna, Newar, Kharchina, Gressa, Silka (Yanev 32), Oak, Goncharuk, Izotova (k), Bondareva (Radionova 36; Zaborovets 57), Korotchuk (Brunets 67), Borkovskaya.

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