U-19: the youth national team of Ukraine won the second victory in the Euro-2022 qualification

In its second match of the qualifying round of Euro-2022, the youth national team of Ukraine U-19 defeated the team of Finland.

After the victory in the opening match of the selection of the European Championship in 2022 over Malta (4:2) today in Pleviska, Poland, the wards of Volodymyr Yezersky met with Finland.

As in the first match, the Ukrainians missed first: in the 21st minute Essay Nikki after a corner kick sent the ball into the net Twardowski. However, in 15 minutes the blue and yellows regained their balance - said Yegor Yarmolyuk. 

The 75th minute turned out to be decisive in the match. Our team won the right to a penalty, which was realized by Ivan Losenko. In the end - 2: 1, strong-willed victory of the national team of Ukraine, which leads the group with six points.      

Euro-2022 (U-19) Qualifying Round

Group 5


Ukraine (U-19) - Finland (U-19) - 2: 1 (1: 1)

Goals: Yarmolyuk (36), Losenko (75, from the penalty spot) - Nikki (21).

Ukraine (U-19): Twardowski, Udod, Kozik (Malysh, 87), Mampassi, Buleza, Ocheretko (k), Jacyk (Losenko, 46), Yarmolyuk, Voloshin (Farina, 82), Gorbach, Shostak (Mykytyshyn, 68).

Finland (U-19): Riihimäki (k) (Henriksson, 46), Talo (Kemppainen, 46), Pettersson, Nikki, Kivikko, Pyuhtiya, Koskinen, Patut, Saarikivi (Sadiku, 85), Meriluoto, Salomaa (Terho, 46).

Booked: Patut (10), Meriluoto (50), Puyuhtia (54), Pettersson (70), Henriksson (74).

Poland - Malta - 4: 0


    І В Н П М О
1  Ukraine 2 2 0 0 6-3 6
2  Finland 2 1 0 1 4-3 3
3  Poland 2 1 0 1 5-3 3
4  Malta 2 0 0 2 2-8 0


Malta - Finland (14.00)

Poland - Ukraine (14.00)

The start time of the matches is Kyiv. 

The winners of the first two places in 13 quartets and the best team among those who will take third place in the matches with the first and second teams, will join Portugal in the elite qualifying round.

There will be 28 teams divided into seven groups, the winners of which at Euro-2022 will be the host of the forum - Slovakia.

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